Re-wire your brain to choose the experiences that serve you.

I just lost myself for a few moments

Lost all sense of time

Felt a flush in my cheeks

And I didn’t have wine

– this is how I feel anytime I get into something, whether it’s kayaking or listening to my daughter sing.
There are certain experiences that make me lose all sense of time, all  sense of where I am.  

I can become so engrossed in a task that I have no awareness of what is going on around me.

It is a worthwhile pursuit to identify and practice being intensely aware of these moments.  Being in this state of mind has been found to  scientifically change how your brain is wired. “Losing yourself” in these experiences enhances/strengthens the mental structure, of your mind, of what makes you, you.  
If we can list things that make us forget where we are and who is around, we can reach back to these experiences in place of addictive habits (eating, shopping, you know what your vice is). If you can’t list a few go-to experiences, then start trying different things to work on building your list. 

  • Researching Ideas for creating
  • Any form of painting, sketching, and definitely writing.
  • Reading a great book or to my kids
  • Spending one on one time with my family
  • Meditating

There is always the risk of becoming attached to the outcome of these experiences.  

“We are reading this God damned Harry Potter book NOW mister!!!” 

Having a set expectation can lead to disappointment and that is when we fall back onto old habits like shopping, food, sex, or other substances. We know the perils and pitfalls of those paths; avoid replacing one attachment with another. 
Make the commitment to recognize when you are lost in the moment of something that you love, that is not self destructive, it will change everything for you, I promise ❤ ❤️🙏😳


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